As a design and engineering firm we work with both individuals and home builders to create plans that are easy to live in and pleasing to look at. And, we make sure it will be aesthetically appealing and structurally sound.
Initial meeting with homeowner and our designer
Plan design
Preliminary plans are presented to the homeowner for approval
Revisions are done, if necessary
Final plans are submitted to the client (or the project is sent to our engineering department to complete engineering/structural pages for the residence, this is required in some jurisdictions)
The initial meeting is very important, we suggest homeowners’ come with as much information/ideas about what they want their home to look like prior to this meeting. It will help the meeting flow smoothly and insure nothing is forgotten or missed. We have over 500 stock plans available to aid the start of the design process, or meet with one of our designers to have a custom plan developed to meet your exact needs.
There are very few issues that cannot be resolved, however it is sometimes hard for the home owner to visualize how individual room sizes will look and feel in their home. We suggest going to look at multiple open houses or existing homes to get a good feel for this ensuring they will be happy with the end result.
Yes, we will come out and observe and analyze cracking in a foundation.
Yes we can perform a structural assessment and provide a report stating if it sound and to code.